"I work outside all year and Aransas has protected my skin from the harshness of the weather, summer, and winter. Bathing with Aransas is simply amazing! The sea salt scrub exfoliates while moisturizing and is so pure and natural. What else could anyone want? Aransas is in my shower always!" - Shelley ~ Plano, TX

"I have been using Aransas Sea Salt Scrub and Facial Moisturizer on my face for 2 years. When I temporarily ran out of both and had to resort to alternative creams, I immediately noticed how 'unhealthy' my skin looked and felt. There is NOTHING that soothes, smooths, and refreshes my face like Aransas products. It's like giving my skin a spa treatment EVERY DAY!" - Deborah ~ Athens, Greece

"Every morning I feel like I'm getting a five star spa treatment in my own shower. In just a few minutes the Aransas salt scrub and moisturizer has my skin ready to face the Texas weather. I really love these products and make sure I never run out."
- Richard ~ Rockwall, TX

"I have always been a soap and water person, no lotion or oils, until I started using the Aransas scrub and facial moisturizer. I now realize how drying soap and water has been to my complexion and love to pamper myself head to toe with the fast and simple techniques Aransas offers. The dry skin from winter on legs, elbows and stomach is gone. My face is actually not as wrinkled and I am told by friends my skin looks younger. I am a believer in Aransas products."
- Karen ~ Mesquite, TX

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"The sea salt scrub is not only for smooth and perfect skin. We live in Texas and usually have a lot of mosquitoes in the summer months. No matter how much mosquito repellant we use someone in our family of five invariably ends up with some bites. You just dab some on the bite and almost immediately the itch is gone, by the next day the bite is noticeably reduced. Who knows what else the sea salt can do!!" - Carrie ~ Rockwall, TX

"I'm a 58 year old woman with sun damaged skin. Aransas scrub and oils have immensely improved the appearance of my skin. It plumps, smoothes, and makes my skin glow." - Jeanne ~ Napa, CA

"I met the Sea Salt Scrub Lady, started using Aransas Sea Salt Scrub and Facial Moisturizer. I LOVE these products !! My 61 year old sun damaged skin, from years of loving the sun and the beach, has never looked or felt so good. No more applying and reapplying moisturizer just to get rid of that uncomfortable scaly and itchy feeling. I'm hooked and now I want the Foot Soak." Thank you, Carolee ~ Richardson, TX

"I use Aransas Sea Salt Scrub before shaving. I wash and scour my face and neck. I rinse the sea salt off, then apply my regular shaving gel. I get the closest shave and it minimizes razor burn (I'm fair skinned). I HIGHLY recommend this product for men as a part of their morning shave routine." Scott ~ Dallas, TX

"I am a woman of a certain age (57) and have never been much of a product person, UNTIL I tried Aransas. Now I wouldn't use anything else! Wow, my skin feels great and it must look pretty good too, as I get a lot of compliments. When I take the time to do the French Green Clay Mask followed by the Sea Salt Scrub and then the Facial Moisturizer (serum), I feel as if I've just come from a spa treatment, but I did it myself. Great products and Aransas is a delight to deal with." - J.J. ~ Boston, MA